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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011


As long as the standard is fake money there will be no gold metal in life’s Olympics…Pop’

From gold to politics

There is no refinement lest the temperature be raised well beyond the reach of the status QuoPop’

Sunday, April 24, 2011

That which gives life also has the power to take it away...Parents

One of the greatest disservices a parent can do for a child is to raise them militaristically. to where by, the child is robbed of it’s God given imagination, which is mankind’s soul, leaving in it’s place a robot capable only of doing another human's will.

If ya haven’t noticed only those who are soulless question the soul’s existance….Pop’

Masochism is just dumb

One who dislikes his neighbor has yet to realize, that uncomfortable bird of dislike roosts in their tree not their neighbor’s tree…Pop’

The real loosers.

Poor folks  have been called "loosers" for years and years now, when in fact, the loosers are those that have no life without it. You'll see...  Pop'

Talking heads.

The only obvious flaw inherent in all talking heads is that they open their mouth...Pop'

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday sunset in Texas.

New blog

I'm replacing my art blog with a blog titled "OFF THE GRID". Presently it is bare bones but will start placing content soon and would appreciate ur input and ideas.'

Used to be

It used to be that the stock market reflected the health of the US economy but now only reflects the health of a company in a globalized setting. Yesterday is long gone and one thing doesn't change, get over it or drop out!...Pop'

Like a lead bullet

The value of the dollar is dropping like a lead bullet and it is taking more of them to buy a gallon of gasoline. That’s what’s  really going on…Pop’

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speak about a cover up.

More often than not, like make-up, prim and proper is a cover-up for something quite uglyPop’

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a garden in the rain.

I’m sure the garden has little love for the pelting cold rain that comes with every storm yet, like ourselves, we are better off in the long run for our unplesant times…Pop’

In keeping with the truth.

Life is not something that comes and goes.
NO, life is far far to classy for that, life folds and unfolds!…Pop’

Heads up'

 “The things that give us life are: Politics with principle; pleasure with concience; wealth with work; knowledge with character; business with morality; science with humanity; and worship with sacrifice”…..Pop’

Monday, April 18, 2011

The True Role Model.

Reality could care less what we think of it as it’s next move is unceremoniously clicked into beingPop’

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Y

Shall I flesh out the fish and swim away or be as the bubble that bursts into day? …Pop’

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Re: The second comming.

I'm talking flesh and blood combined with Spirit. "God is Word" and "Christ the Loving Spirit".

It is by word that we know him "Now".

There is a Gulf between what I am saying, and what you think I am saying but with just a little time, that Gulf will dry up.

"Understanding" the effects of Christ in the flesh in the world will become apparent shortly.

Thats all I am saying, nothing more or less.

My only suggestion is to "get the nose out of the Book and look into the world for him".

Understand I don't say that as an affront of any type but rather like someone you met in your travels that said, LOOK and you did and you saw.

Thats all, not to contradict you or yours in any way but rather to extend the reach of your sight.

You of all people know what "Teachers do".

They are not preachers, they are teachers...Christ shows the way of a Teacher, not a Preacher but than you know that.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.


Christ's message is LOVE....God's message is LOVE and to the degree we LOVE, OUR message is LOVE, it is to that extent, "we" en mass join the Trilogy to be "One with the One, All with the all".

There, the glaze is removed from the eyes and the Spiritual Smoke that pours from the Bible dissipates to the "simplicity" of "ultimate Truth".

WHEN LOVE and JUST LOVE, IS THE TEACHERS SPIRITUAL SUBJECT...the Curse of misunderstanding is broken.


Ultimately, regardless of ideology, reality, ultimately, rules.

The term "God with them" would tend to side with what I am saying and that indeed is the "reality" of the times we are in.

Truth expresses itself in reality.

To the degree ideology "ignores" that reality,

it is to that degree that "we" are separate from God as he is made manifest in the Son.

At least the differences in our points of view are made vivid in our exchange.


One final thing Thomas regarding the resurrection that you didn't clarify for me.

Let me put it this way.

We agree that Christ was Crucified in the flesh and his physical self was resurrected, yet you wait for his return while I see him in the flesh with no return necessary.

That was "complete in the resurrection"....He "Lives",

among the" LOwly",

Remember "LO I am with you ALWAYS."

What, do you suspect he is in hiding somewhere Thomas?..Pop'

Thursday, April 14, 2011

If ya ever come accross these folks , only then will ya know who I'm talkin' about.

Rather than ,she’s pretty they say “She ain’t perty non, goldern” or  it tasted so good they say it made ya “swaller ur tongue”.
These folks never get in trouble they get “caught in a cod” and their boats don’t have sterns, they have “starns”.
We’re talkin’ about the minority of all minorities and ya can’t tell by lookin’….Pop’

The Skinny on motovation

Support the Arts.

This is the work of an artisan friend from Austin. I met him years ago and I knew the day would come when he would flower in the tradition of Willie Nelson. I request that u show this young man some love. He can be contacted at either of these addresses
I’m sure he could hook ya up with a CD!…Pop’

Corporations and taxes, what a scam!


Doing is not sufficient only the Love that one puts into the doing makes it soPop’

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The soul can be known by it's imaginings.

Imaginings flow from the soul that is not for sale. Yet in this world the imaginings are…thank HeavenPop’

Just doin' my job!

Each has been given the "JOB" to be who they are, there-in, with time, comes balance for all...Pop'

Waiting and Watching

We seek no war nor will we fight one, only Truth and Justice do we seek and like a tree, stand in the face of ill wind untill it appears with our going...Pop'

Slight not light of hand.

The “Tricksters” would have us focus on all the “Bad Guys” at the bottom and how they are out to destroy every one with their criminal activities.

That sounds like a good idea doesn’t it?

See u have fallen for the “Trick”.

In fact the real bad guys are at the top, all dressed to the “T” and well groomed to hide their ill intent to enslave, the “have nots” as they call us,to make loyal  consumers of us and do their bidding.

A prime example of "The Trickster ilk"  is the Bush/Cheney act that were responsible for war profiteering by the rich and the deaths of  thousands of children in Iraq yet still untouched by Justice.

Consider now that if u  smoke a joint at the wrong place at the wrong time  u too my friend could face life in prison.

But all is not lost because we are seeing chickens comming home to roost in the form of the world financial crisis  as “our unseen advocate” begins to show how he deals with “Tricksters”.

I would suggest that u come away from them for the smell of injustice has penetrated the highest of the  High Heaven! …Pop’

Monday, April 11, 2011

No I didn't stutter.

I'd rather climb a tree than a  pyramid, any day of the week...Pop'

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A great big store.

So that’s what America has become, a big store with a twist.
The twist being, It costs ya ur soul to enter and costs ya ur life to leave.
How novel…Pop’

Friday, April 8, 2011

Business as usual for the Devil's legion.

 Republican cowards continue to attack women, children and the poor in their on going efforts to promote their cruel self centered  ideology making fools of themselves and the American people…Pop’

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Here's The Beef"

When one finds the "Love of Self", The Rest is Gravy…Pop’

Think again.

One of mankind's most grievous misconceptions is that Nothing is Nothing even though the host to Stars inumerable......Pop'

About placing stores in Heaven.

It has never made sense to me to "set up shop" in a world that I'm "Just passing through" and it still doesn't!...Pop'

Just one word about greed and the Money Tree....


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Change 101

All significant, life changing change, is put to task right after the mid-night hour  on everybodies clock, including the Creator's clock, while the vast majority of folks are sleeping.  

The Creator's mid-night hour was 1980....Pop'

Be Aware

Be very aware of the "Users" who, at this very moment, are using "YOU" to get ahead of U!...Pop'

Just a reminder...What else do ya have to know Mr and Mrs taxpayer?

The majority of US corporations and large corporations that do business in the US pay little to NO TAXES!!
The Republican lobby is largely responsible for this fact of life and the Republican party complains the loudest about the deficit and tax cuts for the wealthy.
It’s very clear the deficit is not the problem , the problem can be tracked to the doorstep of the Republican party adjenda….Pop’

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Truth is...

If one is getting up at 6AM, they are getting up at mid-morning and the sun has already been on the rise for six hours.
Myself, I like to get up early, 1AM at the latest….Pop’

Sunday, April 3, 2011

As the “Great white Ice Sphinx begins to melt, the “Great brown Desert Sphinx” within it is revieled…Pop’

And u thought u had it goin' on.


Charlie sheen is being judged by many yet those judgements aren’t gonna hurt him…”he’s rich witch”!
Those judgements by many folks  are placing thousands and thousands of souls in a darker place.
Letting “the law” make the judgements and “butting out” is what wisdom does with Charlie and for folks…Pop’