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Thursday, December 29, 2011

In fair measure

The only way up is down and the only way out is in.
There-by becoming the measure of each man....Lalepop'

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Choose ur Art.

A man either lives by the Art that he is or dies by the Art of another! ....Lalepop'

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What would Jesus do, If he heard this was happening?

Some things that I hear just make my heart cry out in pain, not fear, not compassion, not love but ...pain!
I heard one of those things earlier and it was this, Eugentics was practiced in this country "as late as the 1970's".
My previous understanding was that Eugentics was practiced in this country during "the first half the last century", according to sources one would normally trust.
Eugentics went on in this country for three quarters of a century and some of the victims of this practice are still alive today.
"I'm sorry" the government has said, yet nothing done to ease what government had levied on so many of "OUR" innocent, just, ... "I'm sorry!
My heart cries out in pain.

In answer to the question of "What would Jesus do?",
he would Occupy banks until our financial sector "paid"(yes even in this economy should u even dare think it) the surviving victims of  the practice of Eugentics an amount to where-by they could live their remaining years in relative ease! That's what Jesus would do!...Lalepop'

Monday, December 19, 2011

Compared to what?

Ignorance is a timid companion compared to the companion of false knowledge!...Lalepop'

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The way up is down my friend.

The real power of the dark is it's darkness, in that, the light has limited access and therefore is essentially blind to dark's inner workings.

That being said, most folks in the world, live "above board" but there are an "almost" equal number involved in the dark art's heiarchey.

The differnce in power between the light and dark arts is as the difference between the stregnth of one's right arm vs one's left.

At this time in history, the "dark arts" are exercising their power though their intent is hidden for the most part from the light.

All participants of the dsrk arts are characterized as being secretive or belonging too a secretive it the Scull and Bones Society, or the Free Masons and the list goes on into a desending heiarchey that "only appears" to ascend.

If ya ever had the thought that "things are upside down" u are "right" and part of an assending heiarchey that "only appears" to  descend....Lalepop'

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Encounter

I was poor and destitute sitting on the sidewalk when a giant corporation walked by, "Could ya spare a quarter for a coffee kind sir", I ask.
The giant corporation looked way down at me from it's penthouse in the sky and grumbled, "Give me ur allegience and ur soul and I'll give u a dime!"
"But kind sir", I said, "coffee costs a quarter and I'm so so cold", to which the giant replied in a condescending growl,"OK OK, now stop ur wining u snit, sign this and give me ur life and I'll give u ur quarter! "No thank you kind sir" I concluded, "My nector from Heaven will be quite sufficient, I just thought I'd try some coffee", I said laughingly...lalepop'

We left Iraq,now think about this and learn.

Click here and than look down and u will see a list of US military contractors.

Take a look at that list of companies  and than u will see who got the lions share of tax payer money that was allocated in the military budget.

Realize than that this is the reason this war was fought,  stripping  away all the idealism and rhetoric  as to why.

The US went to war so ur taxpayer money could be transfered into the pockets of big business in spite of anything that the taxpayer was cohersed into thinking  was the reason.

"$3 trillion spent, what did we gain?" is the question....Lalepop'

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reality and beyond

As shadows fall where mountains rise
whispers call from out the skies! ...Lalepop'

And the body has two arms.

Wisdom is lost to the inexperienced  in the same way love is lost to the experienced and all is lost to both without the other...Lalepop'

The Full Story

Empty attacks full in order to be full.
Full resists empty in order to stay full ! .....Lalepop'

Monday, December 12, 2011

An even more inconvienent truth

Whatever happens on the ground, solar phycisists expect the Sun's behavior over the next two years to impact the planet in ways rarely (if ever) experienced by modern man. As a sign of scarier things to come, a medium-sized corona mass ejection, or CME, was detected heading towards us on June 7th. While its effect was inconsequential, NASA officials lamented that another CME emitted on the far side of the Sun was packing considerably more heat.
The strong possibility exists that the convergence of events in the near future will make all of our petty differences pale in comparison.
In any event, let ur faith be ur comfort in knowing that "In the end, all things happen for the best" just as we were told....Lalepop'

Keepin it real!

The American Aristocracy has joined the older world aristocracies in the process of "Globalization" designed  to ultimately enslaved the rest of us to do the  will of the few. 
It is perhaps to their credit (or to their practicality) that those born of lesser parents can sometimes be, reluctantly admitted, to the aristocratic club  but such admissions are generally to the advantage of the club’s elder guard, who perceive a use or value to  enterprising "outsiders" considered to be "manageable",  yet  in no way should be considered  a gesture of genuine Philanthropy.
"The Church, the Aristocracy and the rest of us" remains  the way of the world where love is naught but a "pretend" motive while economic enslavement is the reality...lalepop'

The basic marvel

We each are the new fruit on a very old tree called the Youme' and there-in is the marvel that begins with the great unknown, the original "Why", the abyss of being, the test of Love's worthiness....Lalepop'

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Neither fight them nor feed them!

What happened wazzzzz:  We the people of these United States were attacked by Big Business and they captured "OUR" government and tied it up and even this day tells it when, where, and what to say and do to capture the monetary fruits from many generations of "The People's" hard work!

These giants are those that we were warned about from the very beginning....Lalepop'

Merry Xmas One and All !

Peacocks make displays, dogs bark, folks pray, cash registers go Cha Ching, the canyons say Om, lights flash, kids giggle, men flex, women primp, life ends and life starts, but still, it's Christmas time in America.

Of fist and mind...

A clenched tense fist, be it in offence or defence, closes the mind and all that can be seen is the writing on the wall, while the relaxed opened hand opens the mind to it's true brilliance.!....Lalepop'

The eternal aspect suuuup?

Some folks use their own light of life to treat thier souls to what the world has to offer while other folks use thier own light of life to treat the world to what the soul has to offer and one of these two has an eternal aspect to offer.....Lalepop'

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Listen closely

Everything is ONE thing and that truth can be seen most vividly at this point in time as Human nature and Mother nature continue to reflect one another.

This means, as one has becomes more violent and oppresive, so too does the other.

The extent of the human beings influence is in the arena of human nature, meaning should the human beings "choose" to express the positive/ bright side of their nature, mother nature will follow suit or on the other hand,  if mankind continues to escalate in the  expression of his negative nature, so to the effects of mother nature's negative side  will continue to escalate.

As u can see most vividly at this point, the future is truly in mankind's hands but unfortunately select members of the human race and those who follow blindly continue to go negative on the world stage giving mother nature no choice but to go negative in return. 

This relationship between man and nature has always existed but the mind of man has not been able to comprehend  it on a substantial scale as we and the world continue in  a downward  spiral of birth to death  rather than birth to life. 

Mankind has  once again chosen the wrong path by following  the ill tempered dark minded among the family of man.

The negative choices seen by the  likes of Egyptian leadership, the American Neocon movement or Chinese oppression, along with the weather, is a very bad sign  of things to come for the reason I just illustrated.
All is One!...Lalepop'

The division is stark

"Nonsense", the republican stance, says, "Control the people and free up the markets", while "sense", the democratic stance, says, "Free up the people and control the markets".
Lets hope, for the sake of all of us people, our "better sense" prevails....Lalepop'

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Whose ur Lord Baby?

Watched over and Lorded over are two different things and the majority of folks in this country are tired of being Lorded over by folks with money.
Folks are simply saying, "Watch over us if u wish and help if u can but I got my own Lord, baby"!....Lalepop'

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bitta Bang Bitta Boom!

After years of practice,
he lived in a constant state of waking meditation,
he wrote and painted,
to make real,  
what arose freely,
from the soul,
in order,
to feed the Spirit.

Because he knew the way,
he challanged the world,
he WON!....Lalepop'


"I'm gonna drive down to the store", I said.
"No ur not, yer gonna enter a new space and time, quite different than here Now, watch closely and u will see", he replied.
"Whatever", I said and left.
"I wrecked my car that night, never saw it coming, he was right"....Lalepop'

The Happy Balance.

Folowing the Truth is one thing and having fun is another,
the Truth is as slick and serious as a razor blade,
while on the other hand,
fun, rocks and rolls with laughter.
Bringing these two into balance,
within one's heart of hearts,
is life's sweet spot,
sweet heart!         Lalepop'

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Count me in, Count me out

Count me in  among life's perpetual students who have learned and understood enough to speak up in confidence with substance.

Count me in among those that look through spiritual eyes and actually see the world's sufferings first hand even with the shades drawn.

Count me in among those with spiritual ears, 
that hear crying in one and "what about me?" in the other.

Count me in among life's teachers taught the hard way,
the way of the desert, the way of the lost.

Count me in again among life's perpetual students,
where each lesson comes with a wound's  reminder.

But for God's sake don't count me in,
among those money lovin' snakes! ...Lalepop1

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I hope u have noted:

The banks who were bailed out with taxpayer money now have foreclosed on, tens of thousands and counting, homes.

Not only did they get the bail out money, after having lived on the profits from direct sales and derivative sales and now they are the owners of real property with real market value.

They made a pot of gold going in and are making another pot coming out out.
Obviously, the beast feeds on it's young!  ...Lalepop'

The Awakening part 1

With the end in sight.

Reflecting back over a lifetime I'll say;
Without Love as the means,
there is no justification for the end.
Unfortunately our current leaders think otherwise...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Playing with fire,

The down side of one things is the upside of another, like the down side of nuclear power is the nuclear threat,  racism is the down side of having eyes.

The down side is naught but a looming smile where wisdom speaks through clenched teeth saying,"Don't start nuttin' there won't be nutton' !!! "...Lalepop'

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Amy Winehouse, Heaven's Queen of England

                                                            "Remembering Amy"
Mixed medium on canvas.

The father of healthy foods...

The healthiest of all foods is a dictionary, it is a lot of bang for the buck, non fattening, highly supernatural and promotes growth over a lifetime....Lalepop'