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Monday, April 27, 2015


Just surviving day to day as a poor person is a full time job.
the school system in Baltimore is less than pathetic and minimum wage jobs are at a premium, role models are practically non existant and the list goes on. I also venture to say if anyone of the "more fortunate" folks were to be born in west Baltimore they would be subject to the same stifeling circumstances as the Balto West siders. It's easy to rant, any misinformed person can do that, but to actually do something about the realities those folks are dealing with requires work, sacrifice, tolerance and understanding. I lived in the heart of Baltimore's getto for a few years and observed the TRUTH of the situation. A rant does nothing more than create a larger divide and compounds the problem. REAL solutions are required or more folks need to go into the depressed neighborhoods so they know what they are talking about! I chose to go poor just to see what I could learn in the Depth of w Balto. Anyone who has excaped the predominate atmosphere of poverty does so with the help from another. Not one of us gets anywhere without help. So what I'm saying, is if u can't help the circumstances of the poor through education or motovation because ya don't know how or don't want too...please save ur rant so those trying to make positive change to the bottom line can do so without another "stirring stick". It takes more brains to live in poverty than it does to rant. This is no rant cuz I don't waste my's just an alturnative way of looking at an old problem! and Love!...Pop'

Thursday, April 9, 2015

"I See" said the blind man!

Please repeat the phrase in quotes below, as if u were saying it. 

"Individually and totally everyone is, in fact, ME, under a different set of circumstances. There is no THEM, there is no OTHER, there is just ME!"
Knowing Me, u now know the truth and the source of all compassion.

 Love Me and have a nice day!....pop'