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Sunday, March 31, 2013

How blue thou Art

In the world of Puppets and Puppeteers, grasping for imaginary straws, the unimaginable is beginning to happen, as each moment darkens beneath it's own cloud and fears rise as more and more is handed over to the outer darkness, 
 take heart, for Christ was designed  to light the heavens from his seat on the right brain of the creator.

Which is real time evidence that he not only arose from the dead, he is still and eternally rising.

Easter starts where inner darkness ends and we can only fall short in our imaginings of the next instant in such a place as this, where, in the blink of an eye, bliss and the "Crystal Blue Invasion" can show up! ...Pop'

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chaff, software update for a few....

"Hey Buddy, we're goin out for some drinks after work, wanna go?"

Keep in mind Buddy made it clear to most of his friends that he was opposed to drinking but Buddie,the guy making the request, didn't know that.

So as we can expect, Buddy replies to Buddies request saying,
"No I'm opposed to drinking" Buddy said, in a single firm retort.

So u can know and can "Stand Clear", know that, Buddy's reply told the ears that hear that he is "A Self righteous One".

On the other hand, had Buddy replied saying, "No thank u Buddie I'll have to pass but thank u for asking!"

Now had that been Buddy's answer, we could conclude that Buddy was kind and considerate with a genuine response.

So let me say, to those kind considerate readers, "Stay away from those Self righteous One's",

Separate ur wheat from a chaff and set into motion a new paradigm in human understanding(well maybe not new but subject to being forgotten).

DO WHAT'S RIGHT not  what's  self righteous!

Let me say, It's not mine to Judge these self righteous folks but it is mine to give a simple example for ur ears to hear that ur eyes may see a we bit better...Pop'

Thou art ethic

The difference between "Art Work" and doing art, "Is Work"!
So to, between an accomplished artist and the unborn! ...Pop'

Monday, March 25, 2013

The In of "Sold out" = Ode to the money man.

When the money tree freezes in the midst of the breezes(and it will),
the branches do fall to the ground,.
And there he does stand with his life out of hand,
with nary a hope to be found! ....Pop'

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Get it?

It is best that one be remembered

for the diamond nature of one's mind,

rather than the sensual nature

of one's body.

For by that, one will be rembered longer,

rewarded greater and...... loved deeper!!

Eternally urs

The eternal self is characterized by an ability to

see the eternal moment and there

inspect the vastness of the infinite mind,

through the eyes of a compassionate heart

and to do all that "NOW!

Don't ask

Oh how sheik, the cat lady is out and about this morning in her brand new mohair sweater.
 Oh u say, "that is not mohair"! ...Pop'

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Saying "No" to the parts of the body as well as the parts of the soul that would have one "Lash out" is the task at hand for the sake of one's body and  soul.

That's not to say, the "Tools that do the lashing" are in some way at fault ".

No, not at all, one's tools are grand glorious creations mastered naught but by the imagination of a child.  ....Pop'

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Humanities Lost Child

As time passes the "Grand illusions" are gradually stripped away and the moon turns to dirt, dust and rock thanks to science, while the prima donas turn to mud wrestlers and street walkers thanks to media, yet one thing alone remains consistant, pure and simple, that is one's love for his fellow travelers, availiable always, that if adopted , this "humanities lost child", bears the fruits to pale even the grandest of  illusions with an even "Greater Grander Reality"!

Just sayin' ...... Pop'

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soap and little things of course

 I just can't stand exercising for the sake of exercising  so I have to trick myself by taking "little thing walks" (come to think of it I feel one coming up). I like to carry a stick to poke at little things I see on the way or turn them over for a better look, broken glass, pretty stones the showing head line on a shred of week old news paper or patterns in the dirt at the sidewalks edge and so on. It works for me and before I know it I'm back home in good spirits and well exercise .

 I almost always have had a, "if it's not fun, it's not worth doing" attitude, so I gotta make a game of it or it won't get done, at least not by me.
I have to thank my older brother for this facet of my thinking since he taught me this technique when I was just a little tyke.

 I must have been around one year old or so at the time and I remember it as if it was yesterday and the circumstances were simple, I was so "sensitive" that I hated to have my face washed at bed time and my mother had to suffer the slings and arrows of a crying squirming kid every night.
It was at this point that my five year old brother stepped in and this is what he did and said.

 He took the bar of IVORY soap (I remember the brand too) in his wet hands and made a soapy lather saying, "Now I'm gonna make u a 'soap man', close ur eyes"! So I did because I wanted to be the "soap man" as he spread the lather all over, even into and around my ears, I just knew I was turning into "soap man" followed by the transformation into "clean man" and not a single tear was shed. Needless to say my mother adopted the technique to avoid her own suffering as well.

My point being, If it's "not working" for ya, ya might want to get some advice from someone with more imagination than urself. Just sayin' ...Pop'

Stormy weather

Folks tend to underestimate the dark clouds in one's life by not realizing that all things are one and that dark clouds and stormy weather can bring the necessary rain to grow forests of new growth even in a desert! ...Pop'

Believe it or not, only the Truth is the truth.

To all u self righteous among us with ur wagging tongues and pointing fingers, I say, "Have at it" and good luck with the Lord's judgements that u  call upon ur own short comings  by so doing.

I say, "Good luck with that", cuz ur gonna need it in the way the blind need sight and the hungry need food! 

As a man judges, so to, he shall be judged,
not by man but by creation itself!! ....Pop'

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Trust the Dust"

My friends all "Got the Gift" and ability to be super sceptical of "The Experts"!

One thing we know about experts, to a fault, is that for the most part they are always narrow minded and intrinsically tied to the tree of knowledge, that ever changing  growth of self righteous and blatant misunderstandings arising from changing facts.

For what it's worth, creation has endowed it's most prized fruits, the human being, with a subconscious  capable of making spot on decisions on "the big picture" not a narrow "experts" view that is guaranteed to let the human "in the processes of being", in a lurch!

The "big picture view" is expressed, not by any proclaimed "expert" but rather by the individuals creation/God given "Intuition".

When ask about reconnecting with ones own creation/God given gift of intuition, my friends and I would suggest that one take an "experts" opinion with a grain of salt and than look to one's own heart and listen there to hear what it's saying before moving forward! ....Pop'

Monday, March 11, 2013

How quickly we forget the meaning of opposition!

Find the crowd and follow it if ya don't want to see hide nor hair of eternity and if u do want to experience the eternal aspects of being "Get away from them", separate urself from the self righteous! To stand in opposition to the ways of the world, not being caught up in it, is the way!

I'm constantly reminded of the ants huddled on the pretty green and gold leaf headed for the water fall around the bend! ....Pop'

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New eyes too.

When a child is new, fresh life is delivered by a river of rich nutritious blood to a body that than intern , steady as she goes, sheer consciousness with it's many aspects of thinking aka "blood of the soul" begins and with that, that which is us, is.
Than without a word ..."let the games begin",  the magnet is set loose to it's iron, the fly to it's picnic, the bull to it's red, the sky to it's view, the me to it's u .....Pop'

I know...not!

There is a big difference between knowing and understanding.
Knowing is a temporal condition until one knows better while understanding is knowing that! ...Pop'

Talk about "Tricky Dick"

The medical "Industry" is a pime example of how ya go about robbing peter to pay Paul ...Pop'

Friday, March 8, 2013

I heard that!

The liar the mouth the louder it's noise!...Pop'

Speaking about the home state homie.

A child can not be disciplined physically or psychologically to be proficient in this world's greatest art which comes with the grandest of all  rewards available to a human being....."Heaven".
The a fore mentioned disciplines can only remove them from what they already have, where they already are, "The mental state of Heaven".
The tragic consequences of our misunderstandings wash over us and our children like a wild ocean till we get the simple idea to "teach not preach and hug not hit with stick or word!" ....Pop'


Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's like this.. In a nut shell!

"Heaven is at hand", bitta bang bitta boom.
"Heaven is a state of mind", bitta bang bitta boom.
To express one's loving here and now is the way of Love that leads to that state of mind,bitta bang bitta boom.
The home of homes in the here and the now! Baroooooom!!.....Pop'

Is it as simple as a question?

The question best be by me is, "What should I be, not, What do I want. Right"?
It concerns me that the latter is spoken with a louder and louder voice, much to the chagrin of Love.
Personally I am driven by the former aka The Daisy Train, for the sake of the neighbor and self....Pop'

Now that's "PHAT" !

Wha Gwyon Mon?

"Loving folks with a mind of their own", it just doesn't get any better than that,
Billy Joe Jim Bob.  Ari Bob! ....Pop'

Monday, March 4, 2013

Should the question arrise.

One of the last attended to relationships in most folks lives, if ever, is the mind body relationship and is far more important to understand this relationship above all others, for it determines one's destination far more profoundly than any other.

Will it be that body is the mind's servant or will it be that mind is bodies servent? 

If that question is clear and near enough "to own" and answer, it
allows one to stand tall and speak with the confidence of knowing themselves and to act accordingly...Pop'

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Essential Cosmic vacuum cleaner.

That which runs counter to creations will, a will far greater than our own, gets ground up into essential dust and tossed into the nearest black hole to be severely abused! .....Pop'