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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mind Lozenger #7

A line from a song by James Blunt "Don't give me choices, give me reasons so I don't continue to make the same mistakes"...brought the following to mind!

“To Love is the reason for Truth,
 for Truth is the reason to Love”.

This phrase embodies the simple win win  primordial reason to choose understanding and tolerance when faced with choice!…Lalepop’

Monday, September 26, 2011

The price of self righteousness.

Folks inclined to worship "graven images" forfeit their God given right to think for themselves...Lalepop'

The tail that wagged the dog!

There is an intimate relationship between "we the people" and the politicians that people curse as being fools that can not be disavowed since some fool helped elected them....Lalepop'

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just stating the obvious

There are those things that best be left in yesterday for the sake of all good men and Rick Perry is one of them....Lalepop'

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just sayin'

We were told that there would be the"Giants" in the land and his name was the"Goliath", u know,  the one the "David" felled with a stone between his eyes the last time around.

Well, what had gone around before has come around again  in the form of the "Corporation" with his status raised to the "person hood".

Unleashed by the " Supreme Court" the "Corporation/Goliath" has  raised his ugly towering body with it's army called the "Lobbyists" to pillage the land.

Yet I see as well, the "David" that felled him the first time, in a form of the "Underclass".

 The "Corporation/Goliath" fears a well placed pebble, at the right time, striking him right between his eyes and he should have concerns considering what goes around does indeed come around and that's the Truth ....Lalepop'

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Credible reports?...Time to get smart!

What if I told u that those credible alerts issued by the government are not credible. They are just a smoke screen to allow more fire to be started in Texas. 20 reports of new fires in Texas This whole thing  a fiasco and an effort to "set u up and bring u in to compliance".

These guys are working on two fronts ,one with fear mongering and threats to our physical well being and the other the economic front. On the economic front, the Republicans are setting u up to rob u again.

Remember this one thing and don't forget it and u will fall on the right side of history. "When a Republican says "we need to reduce regulation on big business" they are forgetting to tell you that the single cause of the near collapse "was deregulation" housing and bank deregulation that left big business take ur money hand over fist and than what happened?.  Than what happened?  Tax payer money was shoveled in to prop the economy up and now they are setting u up to rob what little u have.

Listen closely for anyone to state that "congress needs to lift the regulations on big business!" ...that person  is simply being clever to deceive.

Don't be deceived again or u could be Relegated to the burn pile of lost caused...Lalepop'

Cool is where ya find it.

The art of giving it up!

The red rose of heart grows eternal in the rich soils of free giving...Lalepop'

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The truth shall set u free too.

The regimentation of the militaristic mind is unappealing to the free man because the mind of the free man knows freedom from the archaic mechanisms of the yesteryears. ...Pop'

Can u hear me?

U may well be u dreaming in a parallel universe thus the call to wake up!...Lalepop'

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Truth out Mr Fishy!

I went to feed the fish but before I put any food in the aquarium  I said "Mr fishy what is the value of a strong back and an empty belly"?  and he replied saying, "What is the value of a full belly and a weak back?"

I liked his answer and said to him, "that's funny, that question with ur answer says you and I are very similar" to which he replied, "similar but with a twist, in that we both get food and have our aquariums cleaned and opposite in that the aquarium that u crap in is a big one and mine little and it's because of all the crap my aquarium is cleaned from time to time and urs once in a blue moon. When my aquarium needs to be cleaned u clean it , you replenish the water and change the filters BUT in ur case when ur big aquarium gets messed up from all of ur crap mother nature simply turns ur aquarium upside down and dumps u out"!

So I thanked him for his insight, tossed him some food and said "Truth out Mr Fishy"!...Lalepop'