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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Things

The rub is, that oft times folks that set out to get what they want wind up in the long run replacing that which  they need with  cheap imitations called things....Pop'

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"The great wonder of the Whootie!"

Why is it  that When I look at a cloud I see me, or when  I look at a rock I feel me,
yet when I look at you, I'm totally doumbfounded?
Why is it when I touch a tree, I feel a tree , yet when I touch you I'm flabbergastedly thrilled beyond myself....Pop'

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My wonderful and unexpected Bithday experience!

Let me share this lil B-day story with y'all.
As some of u know I'm involved in the care of a friends mother who is 92(I'm the guy in the basement with the paintbrush) and she has late stage alzheimers and roaming rights to the entire house above, which is child proofed.
Well today I heard her making her way around the kitchen overhead. Understand, though I have been here for months whenever I surface to check on her she's surprised to see this stranger in her house.
So today when I went up she turned in surprise and with her usual lil chuckle looked at me and said, "Hello Sir!".
I responded to her with, "Miss Bell today's my birthday" and waited for her reaction which was an unexpected one as it always is,  "Thank you sir" was her reply(God bless her). 
So I played along  with her as I always do,for the interaction she needs and the humor I enjoy because  she has such an endearing sense of awl and humor, like a child,. by saying, "Yep Miss Bell I'm one hundred and ninety four years old today", to which she responded with eyes wide open saying "Yes sir" followed by a pause and a look as if she's trying to figure something out before blurting out in all seriousness, "well  u certainly do look good for ur age"!
Ofcourse I melted in laughter and gave her a big ole bear hug"! as she patted me as if to say "Well ur older than the hills but u'll be ok"!
She doesn't know it but she gave me a wonderful birthday experience!...Pop'

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It takes one to know one!

I too have managed to find just one thing, though not the least bit slight, that is certain and unshakable,
I found love, the net sum of all things ...Pop'

U wanted change, now run with it!

The formost demonstration  of  this 2012 election is that the party of "NO", knows NOW, that the king of racism has been defeated by the queen of hearts!

"Read 'em and weep you bunch of "Power huggers" cuz from here on out, the "Tree huggers" are going to have the final word on policy in this country "with or without u" for a Good Shepard shepards all not just ur brand !

NOW that's what change looks like, good folks all! ...Pop'

PS: Well maybe the power hugger tree hugger thing is a bit over the top but u get the Idea.

Friday, November 9, 2012

More than meets the eye.

It's never a good thing to be at the wrong place at the right time nor is it a good thing to be at the right place at the wrong time so when setting the body into motion always step off with the right foot and in that way one is always assured of being in the right place at the  right time. Across the board, It behooves one to take note and get into leading with the right.... Pop'