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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ya Hear?

"Poopie storms" are a No No on all levels. To NOT recognize that is to miss the train of "common sense", at least that's what I hear.
 Ya hear?..poP'


This is a 16"x24"mixed medium on canvas. To me this is a special painting since it is the start of signing my paintings as JBecker.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

No more storms for me!

First of all, I moved, which involved the usual stairs and lifting and sorting, ya know, but for the first time in a long time the move was one of Joy... love's escape to freedom.
The move/ change was ready for me and I for it.

All had gone well for this last week, no lumps, no stumps nor grumps to  contend with....UNTILL YESTERDAY, when I was placed face to face with a thunderstorm in the form of a big ole Yankee soldier thinkin he's gonna run his brigade over my front yard.

Here's what happened. I needed gas and since I was out, I stopped at the local "Gas-Coffee-Snack-Gasport , parked at the pump and went inside.  As I entered, I knew from past experiences the cashiers were off to the left so I walked along the line that has formed head to head with the cashier #1 and joined it, simultaneously seeing that cashier #2 was just standing at her register talking to cashier #1.

So I'm thinking, I must be in the lottery line or something but all I wanted was gas so I headed to cashier # 2 with my measly 10 bucks in my right hand. No sooner had I reached the counter, from just behind and to my left, from the other line, came the Thunder "ASS HOLE"...."YOU ASS HOLE YOU, we were all in line before you, YOU ASS HOLE YOU" exploded in my face as I looked toward the storm's source.

"Let's see", I'm thinking "Is this the local action figure, impeccably groomed with long hear and beard or maybe the local super hero... I'm not in the post office am I? 

What followed even caught me by surprise. In the spirit of freedom I slid my sun glasses toward the tip of my nose, looked the storm into it's one blind eye (the left brained right one), smiled brightly and said, "congratulations"!  Than with a look and a point upward I heard myself say, "Smile , You are on hidden camera!"

As the storm looked up I handed my ten bucks to the cashier and said, "Pump 4 please" and left the room!

"Blow on u storms, u blow on with ur nasty selves"! .....Pop'

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm overwhelmed

              This is a photo of my NEW year from a bay window of
               a NEW space, for a NEW me!