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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This blog post directed toward the Blogstream reunited forum.

Those of us who have an active blog after Blogstream were faced with a problem, after moving on, that didn't exist on Blogstream and that problem was, no longer did we get e-mail notification when a comment was made to a blogged post.

It was noticed that without this e-mail notification those of us , for instance, who now have blogs on Blogger were unable to maintain the cohesiveness to other blogs as existed on the old stream and as such, the blogging experience on blogger was compromised.

So along came "Blog stream united".

I've come to realize that if I provide links to my blog on blogger and post them on "Blog Streamers reunited" the interaction that was lacking on blogger is now available with the help of this new FB creation.

My suggestion is that ex Streamers continue their blogs as usual on blogger and post links on "BSU".

In this way we can maintain the integrity of the  blogging experience as it had been on the old stream as the result of comment response interaction  while at the same time  interaction with the old Streamers on BSU who no longer have blogs.

As u can see I've started to provide "links only" to my existing  blog on blogger. Thanks for ya'll....Pop'


  1. Pop,
    I just don't trust Facebook. I have read several articles regarding its lack of protection against spammers and others.

  2. Mr O:

    There is nothing special about FB unless ur into lots and lots of small talk. I personally prefer substance but it does provide a platform to lay out substance to those in need of it.I personall don't dole out bubble gum and cool aid and thus my following is limited but rather that than running with the herd which I distain!...Pop'