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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catch me if u can! mind lozenger.

Like a dog that can never quite catch up with it's tail our planets spiral in a head long plunge to catch our sun which is spiraling through space in it's effort to catch the contents of our Milky Way galexy which is spiraling full steam ahead in it's effort to catch a whole herd of other spiraling galexies involved in their efforts to catch the galexy ahead that is spiraling full speed in it's effort to catch our spiraling planets.

Who knows, maybe some day our planet will actually orbit the sun but we got to catch it first, so for now we must be content to spiral toward it's face 93,000,000 miles ahead of us. 

Some think the universe is flat rather than spiraling back upon itself but than they thought the earth was flat too....Pop'    Expanding universe

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