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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debate or theater tragedy?

Now THAT ladies and gentleman was tragic grand theater!

We had, on one hand,  a knight in shining armor, having entered stage left,  where he stood by his steed and began to sing of his grand and glorious sword which he kept stealfly concealed within it's pearly clad sheath.

On the other hand  the much revered town orator/actor entered stage right and in a awesome display of acting versatility, in the time it took him to get to center stage, he had morfed himself into the tongue tied village surf. 

I cried....Pop'


  1. I wept right along with you. Big hot sad, disheartened tears. Charles says it was a strategy to allow Romney to lie and let him dig his own grave so to speak. But when lies and truth are topsy turvy I think the strategy is a failure. Obama is head and shoulders above Mittens as a speaker. It was a fizzled let down. Sigh.

    1. Jane:I have my suspicions as to WHY and I'll know for sure the next production b4 I say more...doesn't look good!

  2. There is a rule in political rhetoric and debate. Do not repeat the lie in trying to debunk it, can't be done. Ignore it and state your position, or if you address it do not repeat it in the doing. This is hard to do, or I should say not to do. We all wanted Obama to directly address (repeat) and deny the falsehood and give the true answer. But in a perverse way the human brain works, doing so actually makes only small progress in debunking it, and for many of our brains it actually reinforces the misinformation. So rather than repeat and explain the lie "he raised taxes" by saying "not true I did not raise taxes", the more effective method is to ignore the actual remark but list the many times you lowered taxes.
    I paid attention to this during the debate, and Obama only repeated one lie and denied it as near as I recall. This method seems counterintuitive, but it is suppose to be the best method. Time will tell if it worked. But......big BUT, Obama did waste a lot of chances to bring up Mitt's connections to lay offs, outsourcing, foreign banks, so on and so forth, and his posture was a problem, not confidence building. This was a mistake in my opinion.
    Hint, at the excommunication trial when the priest yells "you blasphemed didn't you" don't answer "I did not blaspheme". It seems the human brain has a mind of it's own, and it can't be trusted. A further example, the notion that the human brain is the most wonderful and complex organs of the body. Who the hell is telling us that?

    1. was the sheepish look on his face that was so out of character as if someone told him before the debate that he needs to "chill the f@@@ out or else".