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Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to the Expose'

If ya ever thought there were parallel universes, well there was, human universes, in the way that the air in one lung is hidden from the air in the other lung, one human universe was hidden from the other by the darkness of secrets.

Than about 1980, though the Mayan calender states 2012, on creations clock there was the beginning of  a universal out breath as the computer began to flourish which began to expose what had previously been hidden.

 We are well on our way to the blending of our separate human universes thanks to the "light" of this new information age.

This melding is creations way and can be seen on a much larger time scale in the form of melding galaxies.

Just another day in River city! .....Pop'

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  1. Lalepop: The Information Age truly
    has led to a melding of human universes.