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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


As part of my NOW I'd like to make this point abundantly clear by tossing aside the bath water to get a better look at the baby! 

Christ is not nor was he ever a preacher, he was a teacher and had a limited number of things to say and he issued the essence of his teachings in a single phrase "Love thy neighbor as thyself therein the ENTIRE LAW IS FULFILLED both God's law and man's law".

Thats it folks!

He didn't say to praise him and it's obvious that following that lead doesn't require an entire book of scripture. Yet preachers far and wide realize that there is no money to be made if that is all they have to say so they avoid that definitive issue and bring in the  "HOLY SMOKE" of scripture to fleece the sheep rather than lead them.

If ya "get it" u will dismiss the smoke of organized religion lest u go up in that smoke, like sticks on a burn pile!

I say what i say because I hear and I understand the value of the only reality available to us all and that is the reality of NOW!

Christ further taught the value of providence(not making plans for tomorrow) and ONE prayer, the Lords prayer that we fully experience  the "eternal now", to experiance the TRUE REALITY!

I follow his words not those of the preacher and Christ in his words , for me in this case, said"They were against me, they will be against u also"!

We are covicted by our lovelessness nothing else, so too a nation!

So what I've said here I don't  expect to be taken well by the "preachers" of the world nor for most members of their smoke blinded flocks but as a follower of Christ and not a generator of spiritual smoke, I am personally committed to Truth Love and understanding above all else inspite of any and all slings and arrows!....Pop'


  1. PREACH IT MY FRIEND! Amen and Amen!

  2. Preachers? Everyone of them around here is either trying to take over another church (like corporate buyouts) launch a radio or TV show??? or seems to be hiring a good lawyer???? When I was a kid they came over and talked to us in the garden or on the back porch, boy that was old school wasn't it?