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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brains in a book

I find it quite objectively interesting to muse over the various levels of  the brain  and how interesting it is that the essence of a book is a brain aka brain in a book. 

All brains in a book take the reader on a trip. As a matter of fact, some brains in a book claim to be the best brain in a book in the whole wide world.

Personally I prefer my own brain over any brain in a book, but I must admit, my own brain does indeed ascribe to the principals of love put forth in many of the leading brain in a book publications.

It might well be that I would replace my own brain for a brain in a book were it not for the warm love and respect that my own brain has provided me with from the very beginning.

 I Love my trip and wouldn't trade it for the world in spite of the solid obstacles brains in a book try to erect in my own book of loves fluid peace and joy......I'm just sayin' ....Pop'

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