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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Seek and ye shall find one!

 Characteristics of Highly Sensitive Souls
  • extremely intuitive
  • highly aware, keenly observant
  • attuned to the subtleties of the surrounding environment light, noise, sound, temperature, etc.
  • emotionally sensitive and caring, easily affected by the energy and emotions of others
  • often empathic or psychic
  • experience emotions with great intensity and depth
  • have a lower tolerance for stimulation than others
  • need adequate rest, nutrition and time alone to feel balanced
  • highly conscientious
  • intense, passionate, emotional
  • able to concentrate deeply with uninterrupted time
  • prefer to work independently
  • process information deeply and from many sources of information
  • often more right-brained, artistic
  • often feel very different than "everyone else"
  • have a rich, complex inner life – often highly imaginative
  • often seen by others as sensitive or shy
  • often introverted, though 30% of HSPs are “socially extroverted” according to Dr. Aron
  • can get extremely engaged with work and ideas
  • often prefer to avoid news and TV
  • have an important role to play in society as advisors, sages or prophet.
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  1. I believe this description fits you well James. I am so grateful to know you.