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Thursday, January 10, 2013

We be the Floater followers of Webeus!

Basically, We are floaters with  love in our hearts and rock hard faith.

A floater simply is," that human in an act of being that which floats fearlessly on the waters of life". 

Even if we told ourselves "we are not floaters", we are.

Interestingly, one would think of a cloud, or a balloon but,
the "Human Floater"  leaves foot prints where ever it goes, not a depression style print but rather a ripple print on a vast plain of see. 

Our soul's mission is not an anounced one, not even to ourselves, but it is to follow "the ripples" on the path from the he in front of us that's following the ripples in front of him created by the he that is leading us.

As such, the Floater is lead through night and day, wild and tame, streight and game, always the same, always in love always on time. 

In this "floating",  a freedom of abundance and of Joy is experienced by all floaters, the first mates of  Webeus! ....Pop'

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