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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm not here.

I'm not here to fight the battles of the high minded and the lofty but to stand by the side of the underdog more likely to be tread upon than petted.
I'm not here to mouth the voice of another but to mouth me and to mouth my friends and to mouth the lovers of my friends.
I'm not here to fire my weapon blindly into the dark upon command but to track the darkness through the brightest of days.
I'm not here to be the care taker for a carriage of kings or the musket tender of conquers but to be the wheel grease of my own squeeky bearing and the proud owner of my own little god given skates.
I'm not here to join forces with naught but love life and freedom. 
I'm not here to request the burdens of the donkey or the load of an ass or the grave of it's digger.
I am hear to do nothing short of loving thee.... Pop'

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