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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chaff, software update for a few....

"Hey Buddy, we're goin out for some drinks after work, wanna go?"

Keep in mind Buddy made it clear to most of his friends that he was opposed to drinking but Buddie,the guy making the request, didn't know that.

So as we can expect, Buddy replies to Buddies request saying,
"No I'm opposed to drinking" Buddy said, in a single firm retort.

So u can know and can "Stand Clear", know that, Buddy's reply told the ears that hear that he is "A Self righteous One".

On the other hand, had Buddy replied saying, "No thank u Buddie I'll have to pass but thank u for asking!"

Now had that been Buddy's answer, we could conclude that Buddy was kind and considerate with a genuine response.

So let me say, to those kind considerate readers, "Stay away from those Self righteous One's",

Separate ur wheat from a chaff and set into motion a new paradigm in human understanding(well maybe not new but subject to being forgotten).

DO WHAT'S RIGHT not  what's  self righteous!

Let me say, It's not mine to Judge these self righteous folks but it is mine to give a simple example for ur ears to hear that ur eyes may see a we bit better...Pop'


  1. I have some customers who are self righteous, they are as likely, let me restate, they are more likely to break the contract, contest payment over some perceived slight, pay late etc. Tripping over mouse turds is their specialty. Sorry if I judged.

  2. To precieve something as it is not judgemental but rather informed and aware! Darrel