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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soap and little things of course

 I just can't stand exercising for the sake of exercising  so I have to trick myself by taking "little thing walks" (come to think of it I feel one coming up). I like to carry a stick to poke at little things I see on the way or turn them over for a better look, broken glass, pretty stones the showing head line on a shred of week old news paper or patterns in the dirt at the sidewalks edge and so on. It works for me and before I know it I'm back home in good spirits and well exercise .

 I almost always have had a, "if it's not fun, it's not worth doing" attitude, so I gotta make a game of it or it won't get done, at least not by me.
I have to thank my older brother for this facet of my thinking since he taught me this technique when I was just a little tyke.

 I must have been around one year old or so at the time and I remember it as if it was yesterday and the circumstances were simple, I was so "sensitive" that I hated to have my face washed at bed time and my mother had to suffer the slings and arrows of a crying squirming kid every night.
It was at this point that my five year old brother stepped in and this is what he did and said.

 He took the bar of IVORY soap (I remember the brand too) in his wet hands and made a soapy lather saying, "Now I'm gonna make u a 'soap man', close ur eyes"! So I did because I wanted to be the "soap man" as he spread the lather all over, even into and around my ears, I just knew I was turning into "soap man" followed by the transformation into "clean man" and not a single tear was shed. Needless to say my mother adopted the technique to avoid her own suffering as well.

My point being, If it's "not working" for ya, ya might want to get some advice from someone with more imagination than urself. Just sayin' ...Pop'

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