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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

" Life gots Springs Y'all "

All Folks experience  the "Springs of Life" gradually drying up, one at a time, till  only one remains and when folks partake of that last remaining "Spring", alas, another "Spring" springs up, and another, and another till all "Springs" return new.

This simple life giving process, when understood in it's simplicity, opens the mind for acceptance of all folks, considering each of us at any given point in time are simply drawing from the "Current Springs" of  access.
To know about these "Springs" can eliminate much misunderstanding and grief brough on by our misunderstanding's of others, from whenst deviceveness arrises.

That being said, I personally am experiencing that single "Spring", my
"Original Spring" and I'm am so looking forward to the popping up of those  "New Springs"!  Yea Man, what a ride!  ....Pop'

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