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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Here Hear..

There were times I looked at things but now I see them.

I used to look at the flower and the Bee,
now I see a bee tending to a flower
 as the flower tends to a bee.

I used to look at boats on the ocean,
now I see a boat and an ocean
tending to one another.

A bicycle is made to be ridden,
thus the rider and the bike,
tending to one another.

 It was from this very seed,
 that I went from looking to seeing,
 seeing that in every duo,
 Love, in it's way,  is simply tending to love, in it's way.

Even war and the warrior are not beyond love as the needs of each, in the other, are fulfilled.

From cradle to grave, Love experiencing itself , all for one, one for all! Just sayin' still... Pop'

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  1. Hi Pop,
    Needed to stop by.
    Me? Sarge is making it!