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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I can't forget it myself.

I was in the hospital years ago and it turns out, the newly admitted guy that was to share a room with me was an acquaintance from child hood.
Our families were friends, though he was about 10 years older than I.

George was simply wore out from an aggressive form of cancer (he died soon after).

We talked every day about our physical conditions and the whole gamete of life's experiences.

His life's work was with the government/military doing mosquito/ chemical research.

George was a very matter of factly kinda guy and he just plain stuck me when he said:

" Never take an oath Jim because an oath always starts out very good and ends up very bad. Just like scriptures 'little book', ya know?"

Than after a short labored pause  George about whispered into my eyes, " Look at me, I'm a by-product of oaths"! ...Pop'

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