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Sunday, July 28, 2013

She grew up in a very structured cold environment of family  rules and regulations and at 22 she was a college graduate.

Now at 24 she's sitting at my feet in a heroine stupor that she found for the warmth she needs.

She's been put in rehab four times in the last two years.

She had just looked up to say "thank you Pop for caring" and I snapped this pic as her head dropped back into her "high".


What u can't see by the pic is that she is waiting for the van to show up from the rehab center that she had called early in the day. The difference this time is that she called, on her own with a little encouragement, and that gives  hope to the situation.

I post this to say that those cold structured families that appear on the surface to be models of righteousness often turn out to be fraught with a cold  self righteousness as their kids hit the streets in search of warmth which they find on the street corners of everywhere USA.

So, when ya see a kid flyin' "high", show them some warmth and understanding and u too can get a thank you to be proud of!  If ta see somethin' say somethin'..ya know...Pop'

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