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Friday, October 18, 2013

Check under the sheets please..

He (my teacher) made this very clear to me years ago...."Human Nature is a byproduct of human nature".

In the light of that statement, when considering the increasing problems of cyber bullying, the spot light moves from the perpetrator to the parents of the perpetrator who are likely bullies themselves.

Thus, the child that is bullied and the child that does the bullying and the parents of the bullied child all suffer from the actions of the parents/other authoritarians, via the child, that bullies.

NO criminal action should be taken against the kids but with a look into the child's primary 'of age' associates one will find a bed  bug running amuck under the sheets.... poP'

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  1. I had a bully in grade school when I was it 2nd grade - warped his ass upside the head with my lunch box - He got two stiches, I got three swats with the paddle - Would not cry - Never bothered me again...