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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ya Hear?

"Poopie storms" are a No No on all levels. To NOT recognize that is to miss the train of "common sense", at least that's what I hear.
 Ya hear?..poP'


This is a 16"x24"mixed medium on canvas. To me this is a special painting since it is the start of signing my paintings as JBecker.


  1. Pop,
    Can you tell us why you started signing JBecker with this painting and what the significance was/is? Thanks.

    1. Darrel I recently had an epiphany or sorts and I've decided to attach my "Real" name as a marker in time: The following is a facebook post that addresses that epiphany..................................I am the last remaining member of my nuclear family and want to share this information that I only recently came to appreciate. At some point during my youth my father Reuben Lewis Becker informed me that my grandfather Joseph Lewis Becker had been a member or the last remaining vestige's of the Susquehanna Indian tribe in York county Penna and as my father recalled, Joseph continued to Powwow with members of the tribe till my father, the oldest boy in a family of six boys and a girl, was nine years old. My fathers family headed by Joseph, an accomplished farmer and carpenter, lived in the Pigeon hills in the outskirts of Hanover Penna. As a youngster I spent many weekends and days at my grandparents home during my formative years and I can say unequivocally that Joseph was a very kind and very quiet man and aside from a smile he taught his family by example with my grandmother Vera at his side and the only thing he said to me as a youngster with any sense of gravity was "Jim it doesn't pay to think too much". I can remember thinking "Well someone has to don't they?". What a wonderful childhood I had and he was right, "It doesn't pay to think too much" but in spite of that I still think "someone has too". The Irony is I find myself at this stage of my life back in York county making what is likely my last stand. ...James Daniel Becker