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Monday, March 3, 2014

The rest of the story

Prior to the American Revolution, Native American societies were far more democratic than their European counterparts. Muskogean women were completely equal to men in all ways. The women owned all domestic buildings and farmland. Neither gender considered the human body to be inherently evil. Both genders normally went topless in warm weather until the women were pressured by Christian missionaries to cover their breasts. A man, who struck his wife or child, would be charged with a crime. If convicted by a clan jury, his punishment would be a severe beating.

To this day, Native Americans see vast sums of money spent to promote a specific religion from the "Old World" while their own monotheistic beliefs, egalitarian practices, democratic traditions and concerns for the environment are being marginalized. Lacking the financial resources to bribe politicians and institutions, all they can do is speak up and hope that others are listening.....

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