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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The art of vigilance.

It's like this, knowing one's self is only the first step in understanding life's truth's and is best accomplished through the solitude of being separate from others.
The second step is knowing others and it is best accomplished by interaction with others. 
The third and final step is understanding the value of each to the other and it is best accomplished  through tolerance of self and others.
Ignoring any of these three steps is the formula for imbalance and imbalance leads to conflict and conflict leads to death.
Trans versing these three steps leads to balance and balance leads to life.
Be vigilant my friend! ...poP'


  1. I've seen strong evidence of that Darryl. Firm principled good guys are given the nod in the end, In spite of the conflicts at hand. Patience is an awesome virtue!