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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Elvis sent me..the true story.

Went to visit a friend in Elkton Md. an hour and a half away. I left just b4 dawn and was greeted by dense fog and 35mph conditions.
 A few hours later it cleared up and I made my way within miles of Elkton. Called my buddy for additional directions when I realized I left the map book at home.
 NO ANSWER! So, what else to do, the unmanly thing, stop and ask!
 Stopped at a gas station /store and because it was so early, only the employee behind the counter was there.
 I said, "Can u give me directions to Elkton"? He replied, "No, I don't know how to get there". 
"Fine" I thought, I'm stuck here!!
But no, I turned around and guess who was commin' in the door? That's right, "ELVIS".
 Well Elvis/Ted drew me a  great map on the back of a strip of receipt paper the Employee gave him.
 Than Ted turned and asked "Why are u going to Elkton?". To which I replied, "To see a friend". To which Ted replied in his smoothest Elvis voice, "Well u tell him Elvis sent ya!"

Elvis Lives! ... Pop'