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Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Tagatha's Rumper Room"


  1. Excuse me if this double posted, it flashed and I was back where I started. Life? OK, your painting is very interesting and confusing. It's as if I can see something beyond, or the parts make up a figure. Yet I don't know what it is I am seeing. To quote a line from some movie I forgot the title of, "I don't know if I am dreaming it, or it is dreaming me".

  2. Darryle, the meaning in this painting is very esoteric but I can say it, the painting, references, via a tangent, aka "Tagatha's playground"/ "Tathagata's Womb" which is at the heart of Zen Buddism. For some insight into the painting, imagine the content of a closed fist holding content with no relationship to an open palm, yet when the fist is opened, the content potential claims it's meaning from the open palm itself. This painting, given those parameters, becomes a metaphor of a metaphor promicing a predictable illumination when it's polar opposite shows up ,

    In general terms, "The painting is the representative of a promise yet to be fulfilled".

  3. Thanks lalepop, I'm going to think about that.