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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Believe it or not, only the Truth is the truth.

To all u self righteous among us with ur wagging tongues and pointing fingers, I say, "Have at it" and good luck with the Lord's judgements that u  call upon ur own short comings  by so doing.

I say, "Good luck with that", cuz ur gonna need it in the way the blind need sight and the hungry need food! 

As a man judges, so to, he shall be judged,
not by man but by creation itself!! ....Pop'


  1. Pop, are you in Denton these days, or Balitmore? I lived in Balitmore for a short time a month of years ago. Lithuanian neighborhood, 15 minute walk from Francis Scott Key monument or plaque whatever it is. At that time the Symphony was a few blocks from the 5th floor walk up, I have been trying to find my old address on some papers but I think it's lost and I don't recall the street name.

  2. Fringe, I'm in baltimore but rather than in downtown as previously I am in the burbs of N Balto. The symphony hall is to the west of Charles st (e-w divide) and there is a Washington monument and plaque on Chas st but Francis scott key bridge is in E Baltimore so ya got me lol. Pretty much holed up in this gig and don't get downtown much. I do recall ur mntioning that in the past though. U were probably some place west of Johns Hopkins hospital. Greek area as well is
    over there.

  3. I ment east of Johns Hopkins on the east side