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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Trust the Dust"

My friends all "Got the Gift" and ability to be super sceptical of "The Experts"!

One thing we know about experts, to a fault, is that for the most part they are always narrow minded and intrinsically tied to the tree of knowledge, that ever changing  growth of self righteous and blatant misunderstandings arising from changing facts.

For what it's worth, creation has endowed it's most prized fruits, the human being, with a subconscious  capable of making spot on decisions on "the big picture" not a narrow "experts" view that is guaranteed to let the human "in the processes of being", in a lurch!

The "big picture view" is expressed, not by any proclaimed "expert" but rather by the individuals creation/God given "Intuition".

When ask about reconnecting with ones own creation/God given gift of intuition, my friends and I would suggest that one take an "experts" opinion with a grain of salt and than look to one's own heart and listen there to hear what it's saying before moving forward! ....Pop'

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